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Selma Köran
telephone: +49 (0) 173 7676129

instagram: bauchfrei69


Selma Köran is an Amsterdam and Berlin artist. In her work she creates imagery that seems to emerge straight out of a kid’s fever dream. Filled and fueled with violent and bizarre content, conflicting and contraditcting surrealistic visual approach, she aims to shake the rigid regulatrities and its deriving expectations formed by our contemporary society, which she perceives as an assault to the integrity of phantasy.

Aiming to pacify inner and outer antagonistic principles that come with the phenomena of growing up, which in her eyes are valid and obvious commodities of modern society, she creates an phantasic, alternative universe – a new narrative to let imagination infiltrate reality to it’s own benefits.

selma köran

born in lovely Koblenz

2019: Master of fine arts and design, Dirty Art Department, Sandberg Institute Amsterdam

screenings & shows

2011: Untitled, Groupshow, Tacheles Berlin

2013: Schmitzkatzen, Groupshow, PopUpGallery, Berlin

2014: Photobooks, Groupshow, Mixer Gallery, Istanbul, curated by Murat Germen and Nazli Arin

2016: Gallop, Groupshow, Schöneweide Berlin

2016: Kreative gegen Rechts, Groupshow, Rath Galerie, Berlin

2017: Look at this fucked up bird I just met, Groupshow, Los Doks, Amsterdam

2018: TrashXploitation Filmfestival, Screening, Le Chlocher, Paris

2018: TrashXploitation Filmfestival, Screening, Communitism, Athens

2018: Academiae Biennial 2018 – Where Plato taught. Teaching art: Is it Art or is it a Fart? Kuratiert von Christian Jankowski, Festung Franzenfeste, Bozen

2018: BLABLA, Screening ‚‘’. Macao Mailand

2018: Desperate Attempt, Groupshow, PopupGallery, Alcamo Sizilien

2018: Iso Amsterdam, Groupshow, Amsterdam, curated by Florence Parot

2018: Cold open Show, Groupshow, Iso Amsterdam, curated by Florence Parot

2018: Mingling for Chimera, Groupperformance, Macao Mailand, curated by Leonardo Ruvolo

2018: Drip Down Deep, Screening as a part of ‚Communal Leaking Groupshow‘, Macao, Mailand

2018: 29NeinNEinNein, online Soloshow, @thepeehole  

2018: Pub TV, A5TV, Amsterdam – TVSHOW, curated by PubTV

2019: Pijama Protest, Vondelbunker, Screening Amsterdam

2019: The long take, Cinema of the damned, Screening, 0T301, Amsterdam

2019: TrashXploitation Filmfestival, Screening, Gloryhole, Paris

2019: Artbeat, groupexhibition, Salon Halid, Berlin

2019: Trylon Cinema, Screening Hellavisiontelevision, Minneapolis

2019: Goleb, Screening, Amsterdam

2019: Manhattan TV, Screening, Karlsruhe

2019: The And of the world, Groupexhibition, Bjilmerplein 698, Amsterdam

publications / press

2016: Slanted Magazin – Wir sind ein Volk – Ein Projekt gegen rechts 01/16

2016: Page Magazin – Kreative gegen rechts 07/16

2016: Aiga – A typeface that fights racism? 

2016: Typodarium 2017 – Weltschrift (for VITO BICA agency, Berlin)

2019: Metropolis M – Artmagazine Netherlands, 8/19